Sierra Blanca Hiker's High Maté Tea

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Sierra Blanca Hiker's High Maté Tea

Specially formulated for your active, busy life! Our spiced Hiker's High tea tastes like sweet cinnamon and earthy pu'erh. It is delicious prepared either hot or iced! This energizing and tasty tea blend is jam packed with antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals – just what you're looking for in a backpacking, climbing or hiking companion!

Caffeine Level: High

Ingredients: Roasted Yerba Maté, Pu-Erh tea, black tea, green tea, white tea, ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom, licorice root, ginseng root, saffron, black pepper, clove, fennel, safflowers, peppermint, tulsi (holy basil) ginger, vanilla flavoring